7 Best Essential Oils for Kids

Little man putting on his oils.

Little man putting on his oils.

I have been using my trusted brand of essential oils for over a year. Now I sit and wonder….what did we do BEFORE essential oils? There is not a day that goes by that I don’t use an oil in some shape or form on or for now of my kiddos.

So with that said, I thought I would share some of my favorite essential oils to use on our children.

1. When Your a Germaphobe (or just trying to protect against seasonal threats) : My preferred brand of oils has a Protective Blend*

We typically rub this on our kiddos feet daily. Especially before school, church or a playdate. This is one of our most used and favorite oils. It supports healthy immune function and protects against environmental threats. Definitely a back to school or flu season must have. I can attest to a noticeable difference in less sick days.

2. When your Kid’s Soccer Coach Kicks a Soccer Ball and Nails Your Kid in The Face (true story) : Peppermint

We are almost always outside. And in Texas that means 100 degree weather typically and red faced kiddos who are hot and sweaty. At soccer games I usually bring a glass spray bottle filled with water and drops of peppermint. The peppermint assists in cooling the body when overheated. A lifesaver during soccer in the summer. Not to mention when your kid gets nailed in the head with a soccer ball by her coach. When that happened we applied a drop of peppermint to her forehead to relieve the tension.
Recently my husband’s friend told him peppermint on the back of his neck beat a wet rag during a long game any day. He actually shared some with the guy he was playing with and ditched their rags not shortly after applying a drop to the back of his neck. Not to mention it promotes digestive health. So when my kiddo has an upset tummy I can rub a drop or two along with coconut oil on their bellies to soothe and help with relief.

3. To Help With Sleep : Lavender

Lavender and wild orange sprayed on your child’s pillow before bedtime. TRUST ME ON THIS. At least for my own kiddos , this was a night time game changer. They lay their heads down and they don’t know what hit them. It’s like snooze central. It is a very calming and relaxing oil. Perfect for any situation when your child might be anxious or nervous. And since our state bird is the mosquito your going to want to keep this on hand to soothe those bug bit skin irritations.

4. Head Protection Services : Melaleuca (aka Tea Tree Oil)

This is another one that we use quite frequently. It promotes a healthy immune function. Protects against environmental and seasonal threats. Especially for the scalp during the school year, if you catch my drift.

5. Relieve Stomach Issues With my Kids (and my husband….and my dog……….ok I use it too) : My preferred brand’s Digestive Blend*

This is our hallelujah oil. If it is stomach related, this is the oil we are reaching for. The Digestive Blend soothes the occasional stomach discomfort, eases feelings of queasiness, helps reduce bloating, gas and indigestion. 1-2 drops of the Digestive Blend* with coconut oil rubbed onto the belly. I love that, because trying to give something to a child orally when they feel good does not always turn out well. Whatever it is that you are trying to give them usually ends up with it anywhere else but in their mouth.

6. Snotty Noses : My preferred brand’s Respiratory Blend*

I always refer to this as our mini oil version of a steam room.  A couple drops with coconut oil rubbed on your feet and socks on. As well as rubbed on your chest. It maintains feelings of clear airways and easy breathing. Especially when environmental threats are high outside. If the kids have a stuffy nose then I am applying this to their chest/feet and diffusing eucalyptus. It creates that steam room affect to open the airways which is super helpful during bedtime if they have a stuffy nose. It makes for a more peaceful sleep….for all of us.

7. When Your Son Has Hulk Like Rage (or daughter, I don’t discriminate) : My preferred brand’s Grounding Blend*

For FDA monitoring reasons I can’t say what I would really like to about this oil. But it has made a world of difference in my child’s demeanor. We apply this to his feet and back of neck- morning, noon, and night. What I can say is that it: promotes a whole-body sense of relaxation, helps to lessen stress, and ease anxious feelings. The smell is just awesome. I love to diffuse this during bath time or in the car.

Stay Well!

*For more information on the trusted brand of oils that I use please contact me HERE.

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