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Welcome to Today's Eden

Welcome to my page & thanks for stopping by! I am so glad you're here! Today's Eden is all about inspiring, encouraging, and empowering women in this heavy calling called motherhood and marriage.  

Because life isn't so easy in a Facebook world. 

So tell the negative committee inside your head to sit down and shut up, because it won't survive here. 

Welcome home!


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Mom Life (the good stuff and the real stuff), Marriage, and more..


About Today's Eden

You are more than enough. And YOU are doing an amazing job at life.
— Ashley

Life is rough momma!

You are sitting in the school car line looking at your coffee stained pajama pants, hoping no one realizes you, only made an effort to look "put together" from the waist up. 

And everyone's "NAILED IT" parent packed-lunch posts only makes the sting a little harder. 

In case you forgot to remind yourself this morning....

Your butt is perfect. Your smile lights up the room. Your mind is insanely cool. 

You are more than enough. And YOU are doing an amazing job at life. 

Here at Today's Eden I want to do my best to remind you of that everyday. 


Meet Ashley

i believe life can be beautiful.

Hi!  I am Ashley and I too drop my kiddos off in hot tea (my preference over coffee) stained pajama pants. You can often find me car karaoke-ing in my mom van. And I struggle with doubt, self criticism, stumbling in my walk with the Lord, and feeling like I just can't measure up to the world's view of who I should be. 

However, it's been in the most difficult times that I have learned that I am more than what the world thinks of me. 

And you are too.

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